Seattle Tennis Club Signage Project

Long-time client Seattle Tennis Club wanted a new swim record sign to grace the wall near its newly renovated pool and issued us the assignment with some challenging requirements. Make the sign enduring and classy and make it simple and inexpensive to update the records (which could be several times per year). Oh, and their budget didn’t necessarily match their [...]

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Grand Format Public Art: Partnering with Facebook to Change the Face of Seattle  

In our hometown of Seattle and in cities across the country, the Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the appearance of our urban streets. Restaurants, stores, parking garages and office buildings, many still closed or largely empty are a hollow contrast to the energy and vibrance that used to be. This period of isolation and global unrest has shifted our [...]

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Thinking Big: The Importance of Environmental Graphics to Your Business

Humans are inherently visual creatures. We constantly rely on visual cues to interpret our environment and find our way from place to place. Sometimes these visual cues are part of the outside world, such as a landmark tree or distinctive building that reminds us where to turn to get to the office every day. Visual cues can also be part of the indoor environments [...]

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